Property Guardian Protection (PGP) appreciates that our property guardian community is our most important asset in delivering the best possible service to protect our clients’ buildings.

We are committed to providing safe, comfortable, well maintained buildings for reliable and responsible property guardians in London and the south of the UK who take pride in their living space.

Communication and co-operation between PGP and guardians is of paramount importance to ensure that the buildings are well managed and secure.

Our reputation stands for being the best at what we do.

PGP’s team has watched the property guardian industry grow up and learned from experience as regards what has worked well and not so well with methods used by the traditional guardianship companies.

Our property guardians can expect a more pleasant and enjoyable experience with PGP and help us to set new standards in protecting our people and buildings.

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No Fees

PGP do not charge administration or other hidden fees to our property guardians.


In properties with shared facilities, washing machines, cookers and refrigerators are supplied for use by all guardians. Communal areas are furnished to a basic level. Property Guardians may add to the communal living and dining spaces. Bathroom facilities vary from building to building. Self-contained units are unfurnished.


The monthly licence fee payable to PGP includes utility bills (water, gas and electric) and council tax unless stated, subject to reasonable use.


Where possible PGP will arrange for a fibre or standard broadband internet connection with Wi-Fi at each property. Sometimes there will be a small set up charge.


Security cameras are installed at all entrances / exits of the properties we manage.

How to become a property guardian

Please complete our online application form here to register your interest in becoming a property guardian with us. Once a property that fits your time frame for moving becomes available we will contact you to complete your application.

Please ensure you let us know if you have been a property guardian before and how you heard about PGP.

The best time to contact us to view properties is when you are looking to move within the next two to four weeks. If you require any further information please check our FAQs for guardians or contact us by email or telephone.

Please note we can only accept applications from people over 23 looking to live in a property guardian building as their main home.

Become a Property Guardian with us

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