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Our company, PGP, provides affordable temporary accommodation to key workers and low paid professionals in the London area.

We specialise in creating safe, welcoming temporary homes for our #pgpcommunity by breathing life back into otherwise vacant commercial or residential property, which we look after carefully until future plans are decided.

PGP has always given priority to key workers to become property guardians and as we have all seen, particularly in recent times, their importance to each and every one of us cannot be overstated.

It is absolutely critical for our society that key workers can live affordably in London so they can perform their duties efficiently and keep our city moving.

Q: Why do we give key workers priority to become property guardians with PGP?

A: Trust and responsibility

Key workers make great property guardians as they bring a caring, responsible approach to the place that they live. They are people who we trust with our health, security and families so it makes sense to have key workers living in our buildings and helping us look after them too.

A: Security

With emergency services and armed forces personnel living as property guardians in our clients’ properties and PGP’s management team taking care of the buildings, not only is there a secure presence on site day and night protecting the premises but many key worker guardians are trained to be more vigilant and security conscious.

A: Key workers need affordable accommodation

Many key workers could not live in London if there was not safe, affordable accommodation available to them in Zones 1-3. Without somewhere to live that does not require the significant time and cost of commuting key workers are forced to look for work outside of London, depriving Londoners of essential skills and services including social care, charity work and other frontline roles.

For an increasing number the property guardian lifestyle suits their needs by providing a decent standard of temporary accommodation at a significant discount to market rents.

Unfortunately PGP’s vacant property security solution cannot entirely solve the huge challenges around supply and affordability for solo renters but it does provide a supply of temporary affordable accommodation. We receive nearly 100 applications from prospective guardians each week.

If you are a key worker or a property owner with a site that needs securing please get in touch and we will be pleased to help you.