Going back to when the property guardian concept was in its infancy many of the early adopters to this brave new world happened to be artists, musicians, architects, designers and other creatives who quickly saw the attraction of living and working in flexible, affordable but also sometimes quirky or unconventional spaces.

Today this has not changed and even though there are many more people working in “normal” jobs choosing the property guardian lifestyle lots of our buildings are creative hubs that buzz with musical, artistic and entrepreneurial energy. This is often due to both the size of the spaces available together with the interesting properties that they get to live in mainly in Central London.

PGP is delighted to be able to provide both living and creative spaces for London-based talent and in that process helping to maintain our city’s international reputation as a centre for creative innovation.

In fact, some PGP-managed properties are occupied almost solely by an interesting variety of creative professionals. One such example is a property situated in the Clerkenwell area. At this large and historic building you will find a creative community comprising of recognised musicians, designers, artists, a photographer and film director.

This new collective have fully embraced our encouragement to use the spaces creatively, breathing life back into a previously vacant building and creating a stimulating, harmonious environment for all. Since early 2017 the guardians have produced an inspired body of work from a soon to be released new album to various art exhibitions.

The building comprises one very large central space that goes all the way up to the roof lights in the apex. There is high riser area that has the appearance of a concert hall stage and it was here that PGP commissioned the designer and artist guardian to created a unique mural over two levels that now provides a strong visual focus point as the building is entered.

As more and more properties come into our management that suit creative uses PGP look forward to welcoming more creatives to the fold and working alongside them to create the many exciting synergies that result.