How do commercial property owners save money with property guardianship ?

Sometimes a property owner will have or acquire a building that remains vacant for a period of time until future plans for the empty commercial property are confirmed (eg: sale, redevelopment, refurbishment etc).

During this time it is essential  that the correct vacant property protection measures are taken to secure empty buildings, whilst saving the owners the time and costs associated with empty property management

For example, with a vacant 5,000 square foot commercial building in London awaiting planning permission the owner could easily be looking at minimum costs of:

Security guard 24/                         £2,500.00 per week

Metal security screens                  £250.00 per week

Empty rates liability                      100% of business rates payable

Insurance                                      up to 50% premium increase while vacant

Maintenance                                 £250.00 per week

As a specialist vacant property manager Property Guardian Protection Limited can remove the above costs entirely.

At the same time we provide owners with vacant property solutions including:

  1. Preventing squatters and asset theft
  2. Day to day maintenance and damage prevention
  3. Insurance compliance work
  4. Fire safety
  5. Property inspections and reports
  6. Providing access to contractors/surveyors
  7. CCTV monitoring
  8. Removing empty rates costs
  9. Reducing CIL payments

When PGP  place our property guardians in a building there are no charges or costs to the owners for the services we provide.

We attend to all aspects of running the property until the owners inform us they require it back. It is as simple as that.