Daisy is a 24 year old professional musician with ten years of experience behind her having started off as
Daisy Dares You and getting signed to Sony Records at the tender age of 16. The whirlwind experience of
becoming a teen pop icon was far from where she wanted to be as an artist and she turned her back on
the world of commercial music re-emerging a few years later as an uncompromising indie musician, first in
The Pink Lizards and then co-fronting her band Clever Thing.
She is now embarking on a solo project with her new album due for out next month. Daisy is part of the
#PGP Community and we talk to her about the wonders of living in a fabulous historic central London
property as a property guardian and about her life as working musician.

Interview and photography by Julian Crowe © 2018. www.juliancrowe.com

JC/ Wow Daisy, what a great space you’ve got!
DC/ Yes, it’s such a beautiful room. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! It’s bright and airy with the original industrial windows, cast iron radiators and the fabulous naturally distressed parquet flooring.
JC/ Did you have to do much to it before you moved in?
DC/ It was pretty much ready to go. I didn’t need to paint it as the walls were all already nice and white and the feature windows and radiators were painted black. I just had to give it a final clean and then I moved my stuff in!
JC/ The furniture you’ve put in here really works with with these historic industrial features.

DC/ Yes I’ve always been a massive fan of retro, vintage antique stuff particularly from the 20’s and 30’s. There’s enough space to allow you to
project your personalty onto it and work with the authentic character that’s already there. I absolutely love it. With regular renting you just don’t get spaces like this. To live in central London in a historic industrial property.. . I can’t imagine what the cost would be. This is why guardian living appealed to me. I love old buildings and historic architecture and design. “It’s bright and airy with the original industrial windows, cast iron radiators and the abulous naturally distressed parquet flooring”.

JC/ Did you look at lots of other guardian spaces before finding this one or were you lucky and things just came about at the right time?
DC/ To be honest what I had seen previously of property guardianship was pretty horrible. I had friends who lived with other guardian companies in London and I just thought I couldn’t live like that.
When I heard about PGP I was still very sceptical even knowing that the property was in Central London. I looked at the PGP instagram and saw all those pictures but I thought there’s no way these amazing spaces can be available for the sort of money they were asking.

JC/ Have you met many of the other guardians
DC/ Not many, just a few who have rooms near-by. But there is one person who has become a real friend. He is a dress designer and its really nice to
have someone around like that who’s in a completely different part of the creative industry but as artistic minded people we have really great discussions about life, music and art over a glass of wine or two.
JC/ So there’s great creative synergy there. Do you see the look of his clothes design working with the your new music project at all?
DC/ Yes definitely. He’s interested in working with me and he’s taking my personality and music into his drawings and thinking what designs would work best such as in live performance. Its a really great collaboration. Meeting him is like another thing that has magically fallen into place that couldn’t have
happened had I not moved here.

“For the same money in a private rental there’s no way I could have all this space and therefore the freedom to do what I do”

JC/ Where were you living before here?
DC/ Well, five months ago I left my life in Brighton and also the band I was in Clever Thing and so much has happened since. I’ve learned so much about myself and about other people and it feels like a total departure from the world I was living in.
I left my band, my friends and my home. It’s like everything in my life just exploded. I used to be quite an angry person. I could get angry easily. I was so pent up but really I just needed to be alone… needed some time and space to myself. I’m not angry anymore, I feel happy all the time and that’s because as an artist if you don’t have your own space you don’t have that freedom to say to yourself ‘right, I’m going to write a song – right now!’ – despite what time it happens to be.

JC/ Did you know the Mystery Jets are based in another of PGP’s properties just behind this one? Do you guys know each other by any chance? I think they’re just working on their seventh studio album and having been together for ten years, it’s great to see bands evolve over time.
DC/ Yeah actually, when I was doing Daisy Dares You I was living in Camden Town. I was just 16 years old and my boyfriend at the time was the drummer in a band called Tribes. Tribes used to tour with the Mystery Jets and so I brushed shoulders with them a lot when I was a teenager. It’s such a small world knowing they are based next door.


JC/ Was there a particular theme for the new album in mind, if so, what inspired it?
DC/ Not really a theme as such but I guess it was underpinned by love and loss after everything I have
been through.. . learning to channel the anger and resentment I had over what has happened and trying
to understand it and move forward. It’s not been easy, it’s been really really challenging. The whole
narrative for these songs I’ve written is dealing with that really.
JC/ What next? Album, gigs? Any festivals appearances?
DC/ I hope to be taking the album out live towards the end of June. The album release date is as yet
undecided. Right now my focus is getting the new band to capture the feel and sound of the new songs
now that I’ve got my line-up of musicians together. That’s the focus and once we have that nailed the
sound then I will then consider a release date. Living here, I’m happier than I’ve been for a long while, I’m
very focused and just so excited about the forthcoming album. I just can’t wait to get out there and play
the new songs live.