The growth and success of the property guardian sector in recent years has been largely influenced by the lack of affordable accommodation in London and surrounding areas. By the end of this year it is estimated that 50,000 prospective guardians will have applied for property guardian housing in London and the rest of the UK.

For generation rent the crisis over the cost of somewhere to live has seemingly deepened year on year and the number of homeowners under the age of 34 fell from about half to just a third in the last decade.  At the same time the number of middle aged renters has doubled.

These trends are reflected in the number of applications that Property Guardian Protection receives from potential property guardians looking for low cost accommodation in the capital each month.

No wonder then that more and more people with good jobs in the £30-50,000 salary bracket are choosing a property guardian lifestyle so they can pay less for their living space, giving themselves a chance to save up some money and have a bit of disposable income too.

There is also the growing influence of today’s co-living culture which dovetails with property guardianship in terms of the flexibility of an “all inclusive” monthly licence fee, flexibility of not being tied to a long contract and the social element of sharing living spaces with other like-minded individuals

At Property Guardian Protection we are on the front line of guardian culture and provide our guardian community with a more “grown up” and refined version of the property guardian model based on delivering a higher quality of property, facilities and service to our guardians than any other provider..

PGP’s team are the most knowledgeable, responsive and helpful in the industry, both to our guardian community and property owner clients.  Our experience has been gained working for traditional guardian companies and well known facilities managers where we witnessed first hand what works well and not so guardianship schemes and property management.

PGP keep things simple, look after the buildings we occupy, work closely with our guardian community and offer a wealth of experience dealing with the issues associated with empty properties.

Property Guardian Protection are always looking for “a better way” and have significantly raised the bar implementing safety measures, compliance standards, security measures, technology, cleanliness levels and guardian services beyond any that other property guardian providers will match.

We do this as we believe in building a sustainable future for property guardianship as the most effective and socially beneficial method of protecting empty buildings whilst simultaneously saving property owners and guardians a significant amount of money.

Looking ahead PGP’s guardian community is set to have doubled in size by early 2019 and is now the go-to option for first time and experienced guardians as well as property owners looking for peace of mind and an all round better option when it comes to protecting vacant properties.