PGP’s property guardians are professional, responsible people over the age of 25 who live temporarily in otherwise vacant buildings, managed by Property Guardian Protection Limited on behalf of the owner.

The buildings are usually awaiting planning permission, sale or redevelopment and can be anything from offices, police stations or pubs to warehouses and schools or colleges. This process often takes longer than expected and whilst vacant the property is vulnerable to unwanted attention and intruders.

Once adapted or converted for use as accommodation our guardians live at the properties as their homes for anything from three months to several years depending on the future plans for the building. However, the length of stay is not guaranteed and will be different from building to building.

Guardians are not tenants and sign a guardian licence agreement which states that the notice period for vacating the property is 28 days. Notice can be served at any time but we usually know if a property will be handed back long before notice is served. Guardians are also given priority for new spaces when a property is returned.


As a guardian your main responsibility is simply to live at the property full-time and report anything that you think may affect the building such as a security or maintenance issue to PGP and/or dial 999 in the unlikely event of an emergency.

You may sometimes be asked to provide access to contractor or the owner’s representatives from time to time (if you are in) but you will not be required to patrol the premises and must not take any risks with your own safety or that of others.

In return for living flexibly and in co-operation with PGP, our property guardians benefit from residing in well maintained, comfortable buildings located in some of the most vibrant and exciting areas of London and the south for a fraction of private rental costs – with bills included (utilities subject to reasonable use).

PGP is committed to providing safe, clean buildings for our property guardians to reside in. Our management team and property guardians communicate and co-operate daily to ensure the buildings are kept safe and secure whilst in our care.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a property guardian with us just drop us a line via the “Guardians” page.