Remove cost of two security guards with dogs protecting a character property, which presented an attractive target for asset strippers Extensive grounds were vulnerable to trespassers and required regular maintenance Property may have needed to be handed back on short notice


Property guardian solution recommended to create a presence at the property without the costs of security Maintenance plan for buildings and grounds proposed Income generation potential possible via use of former events space and grounds for photo and film shoots


Client instructions received to place guardians strategically around the building, creating a secure presence and acting as a deterrent to trespassers

Car parking solution installed in collaboration with specialist provider to protect grounds from travellers and fly-tipping

Maintenance plan agreed with owners to keep buildings and grounds in good order


Property Guardians (mainly key workers from local hospital) delighted to be placed at the property

Security guards removed saving the owners £5,000.00 per week

Maintenance plan agreed

Owners retained peace of mind whilst future use of the property was decided