Secure and occupy a derelict residential care home with 200 units in North West London

Remove the costs of security guards who had been present on site over 3 years at £3000 per week

Put 50-60% of the property back into use by property guardians to help mitigate CIL

Remove holding costs for the owners: Council tax, utilities, maintenance and property management

Provide access to surveyors, planners, contractors etc


PGP cleared the entire property of former tenants’ junk (25 skips)

We changed every fire alarm sensor in the building and upgraded the alarm system

Emergency lighting and fire doors were reinstated

All units were adapted to run on electric heating and hot water and new pipework was run throughout for each unit

Units going back into use were refurbished and deep cleaned prior to occupation by property guardians

PGP installed and monitor CCTV at the property



We selected 120 guardians for the building. .All of our guardians are professional people over the age of 23 and have previously been guardians at other properties.

The guardians at the former care home are professionals between the ages of 23 and 55. They have created a great community feel at the property and absolutely love the location

PGP provides a concierge service 6 days per week for the guardians and provides a communal laundry

There is also a dedicated maintenance team for any day to day issues