Client receives several reports from police and neighbours of asset strippers and trespassers/squatters targeting this newly acquired property, which had previously been vacated and left boarded up


Our property manager collected keys for the building within 2 hours of client contact and attended with security to find: Trespassers were on-site Metal theft had occurred including 50sqm of lead and tiles, which were removed from the roof 90% of internal pipework was stolen, causing flooding Live mains gas pipe had been cut and was leaking


The owners were informed that the property must be secured immediately

Gas supply was turned off

Trespassers were asked to leave and removed from the site

A vacant property protection proposal was prepared advising the client of remedial works to be done and the shortest possible timescale calculated to prepare the building for occupation by property guardians


The property was secured, made safe, clean and habitable

Property guardians were placed on Ground and 1st Floors

Planning application was submitted by the owners