Secure and manage a run-down Victorian warehouse and premises in an up and coming location frequented by squatter gangs and targeted by rave organisers. Make the property safe and habitable for property guardians, provide regular access for surveyors etc whilst removing security guard costs and mitigating empty rates liability. Achieve this at no cost to the owners.


Property guardians selected by PGP to live in the building are mainly in creative and technology industries working on projects from home and in the local area. This ensures a secure presence at the building and that there is always someone around to give access to our client and their representatives.


PGP carried out a full clean up, health and safety and general overhaul of the property to bring it up to standards required for guardian occupation. This included roof repairs, drainage, installation of kitchen and bathroom facilities, stripping out and making good various parts of the building. The fire alarm system was upgraded to make it compliant for sleeping accommodation.


The guardians have secured the property for the owners and created an inspiring space to live and work in.
PGP have applied for the property to be placed into council tax whilst guardians are in occupation
Planning permission for a mixed use scheme has been granted