Property Guardian Protection Limited provides property owners with bespoke solutions for all aspects of void or vacant building management and maintenance. When a property is left empty or disused (even if boarded up, alarmed or patrolled) it is highly vulnerable to a wide range of problems including:

  • Squatters and trespassers
  • Asset stripping and architectural theft
  • Vandalism and arson
  • Fly-tipping
  • Property owner’s liability claim costs
  • Dilapidation and loss of value
  • Security guard costs
  • Empty rates costs
  • Loss of value

We aim to cover all the bases for our clients who want peace of mind that their void property assets are secure and well managed until future plans for the buildings come to fruition. If you would like to know more about the benefits of using our property guardians to secure your empty property please read on or get in touch,

Better still, come and see us at one of the buildings we look after.

PGP do not charge our clients for property guardian services.

Property Guardian Solution

The primary role of a property guardian is to protect an empty property by occupying it, usually in co-operation with fellow guardians. When property guardians move into an otherwise vacant building the security, squatting and trespassing threats affecting it can be removed

PGP specialise in arranging and adapting vacant buildings for guardian use. We pay specific attention to the security and safety considerations associated with each property so the owners have peace of mind that their building is being professionally managed and maintained.

We work with all kinds of properties from vacant pubs, former offices and warehouses to listed buildings and disused vacant commercial premises. Some properties lend themselves very well to guardian occupation and others require a more innovative approach. After a visit to the property we will be able to provide a vacant property protection report within 24 hours (or sooner if needed) detailing what we need to do to protect the empty building.


Health and Safety

All of the buildings we look after have vacant property management plans to put them at standards exceeding legal requirements for health & safety, as well as to make them comfortable temporary homes for the guardians.


Fire Safety

PGP ensures that buildings are fitted out and maintained to comply with fire safety regulations. All fire alarm systems are serviced, maintained and upgraded by our engineers.



PGP staff carry out monthly inspections and weekly checks to assess any risks, identify maintenance issues and maintain health & safety standards at our property guardian buildings.



When a Property is vacant or maintenance issues are not dealt with promptly, dilapidation will occur more quickly than if the building is occupied.

Most of the buildings we manage are past their prime so PGP carries out weekly property inspections to identify potential issues before they arise.  Where our property guardians are in occupation PGP covers the cost of day to day maintenance.

Business Rates Saving

When we place our property guardians into an otherwise vacant commercial building we are able to apply to the VOA to have it removed from the non-domestic rating list and banded for council tax instead.

Recent examples include:

  • Office building, Central London
    Business Rates Liability: £153,000.00 reduced to £5,350.00 council tax (banded as 4 units, one per floor)
  • Warehouse and offices, North London
    Business Rates Liability: £47,236.00 reduced to Council Tax £2,477.40 (banded as single unit)


Who are the Property Guardians?

Our property guardians are responsible, professional individuals who have been permitted to reside temporarily in our client’s otherwise vacant buildings. Many are experienced property guardians who have successfully completed previous placements.

They come from a variety of backgrounds but all are working professionals who need affordable accommodation in the right location. In return, they are willing to live flexibly and take on the role of property guardians with us.

Guardians often move from property to property over many months’ even years and recommend friends and colleagues to join the scheme which helps us to grow a community of responsible, trustworthy individuals to reside in the buildings we look after.

By careful selection, ongoing co-operation and placing a focus on the well-being of our vacant property guardians, PGP develops excellent working relationships with our guardian community and achieves the best possible results for our clients.

Vacating the property

Upon termination of the agreement between PGP and the property owner the guardians will vacate and PGP will hand back the property and return the keys.

All of our property guardians sign a month to month licence agreement and are subject to a 28 day notice to vacate.

Property guardians are not tenants and do not have exclusive possession of any part of the building.

PGP’s licence agreement was drafted and reviewed by a specialist senior property lawyer in October 2016. It has been structured to ensure the legal validity of the contract as a licence so that it does not confer any of the benefits of a tenancy.


PGP has comprehensive liability and professional indemnity insurance underwritten at Lloyd’s of London, which covers us for liability we may incur in connection with our business.

We are also able to arrange insurance cover at competitive rates for commercial and residential properties occupied by property guardians via our specialist insurers.

Protect your vacant property

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