Property Guardian Protection, PGP,  was born out of the need for a more efficient, sustainable approach to securing empty buildings by occupation and minimising holding costs for property owners.

We love working with building owners to protect and maintain their vacant property, removing the risk of squatters and the cost of security guards.

Our clients also benefit from reduced business rates on empty commercial buildings and reductions on CIL liability. We do not charge fees for our services and can generate income for clients from their vacant space too.

Effective property guardianship is at the heart of what we do. PGP provides safe, clean, well-maintained buildings for property guardians to reside in. Our property management team and property guardians communicate and co-operate daily to ensure buildings are well maintained, safe and secure until vacant possession is required.


PGP’s in-house and contracting teams are experts at managing issues associated with vacant buildings. We advise property owners on the best ways to manage their voids and the advantages of using property guardians to occupy vacant buildings.

We value our guardian community as they help us to deliver the best possible service for the properties that we look after. Our guardians are professional people who appreciate the opportunity to make these buildings their temporary homes.

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